The Konrad Cunningham Chess Foundation

Our Goal

Chess was very important to Konrad.  We truly lost a vibrant soul on May 12, 2011.  It was decided that we would create a foundation that would keep his energy alive.  He worked with young children, his peers and adults teaching them the game.  He loved an impromtou game or the structure of a tournament.  He enjoyed local school tournaments, the State tournaments, the Nationals and the SuperNationals.  He even participated in a World Tournament in Philadelphia when he was only 14.  Konrad belonged to the USCF, The Right Move, All Hallows Chess Club, he played chess while at Iona College. He even became a member of the United States Airforce Chess team at his base in Vandenberg, California.  He just loved CHESS!!  He worked as a volunteer in many organizations and truly helped many during the course of this time with us.

We hope that  thru donations we would be able to assist NYC children, children around the country, and any functioning chess group no matter the age,  to keep the game alive.  We would love to hear from a Senoir Citizen group of players!!!! Whether it be a chess board, a clock, tee-shirts, tournament registration fees, attend tournaments etc.  We hope to be able to assist in whatever way we can.  Special focus will be on the children at PS 19X...his old elementary/middle school, as well as, All Hallows H.S. where a scholarship has been established in his memory.  We have also recently partnered with an area food Pantry and Senior home to assist in certain functions they have in the works.  He had volunteered at such venues.

We will be posting news, comments and events as the months go on.  You are invited to send your thoughts to us as well.  Email us at with tournament information, comments or just to say HELLO!!


We can never change what already has taken place....but we can use what has happened to move forward and make something positive out of it.


Konrads Mom


We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

 The above quote was given to us by one of his unique and special friends.  The individual knew Konrad very well.  In their discussions and their bonding experiences........this quote so speaks of what Konrad would most certainly believe in with regards to his purpose in life while here with us.... To honor that thought we all are working  together to keep his spirit and the Foundation alive............



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